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Events and Rostering Policy

This policy document provides a comprehensive overview of the events and rostering guidelines for VATSIM-Scandinavia, ensuring transparency and setting clear expectations for the participating and planning parties.

Event Marketing

Events in which VATSIM-Scandinavia is participating and/or hosting are published via the following channels:

The event department strives towards (but may not always be able to):

  • Publishing event dates no later than 6 weeks before the event.
  • Posting staffing announcements (forum thread) no later than 3 weeks before the event.
  • Publishing rosters for rostered events no later than the night before the event.

ATC Requests from VAs/VACCs are not published in the public event calendars and commonly only necessitates a staffing announcement.

Event Types

For each event, an event type is decided by Event department, this is not limiting and is only to be used as a reference.

Event Type Open Signup Rostered

Position assignment?

First come (book), first serve. Express preference when signing up.


No Yes

Events and Rostering Policy applies?

No Yes

ATC Booking responsibility?

Each controller books individually Event Department bulk books positions

Event examples

ATC Requests/small events. Medium/large events

Event Signup

Forum Posts

Each event will have a staffing thread per affected FIR posted in the the VATSIM-Scandinavia forums, or via the forum functionality on the VATSIM-Scandinavia Discord server, depending on the individual practice of each FIR.

  • When signing up, controllers shall clearly state their availability, using a signup template when given, including rating, endorsements where applicable.
  • Controllers are responsible for updating their availability promptly in case of changes and inform the event department about it. See Cancellations and No-Shows below
  • Controllers are responsible in ensuring they hold the necessary rating and endorsements for their chosen/requested positions.

Solo Endorsement

Controllers wishing to man a position using a solo endorsement are not restricted to participate in events unless otherwise agreed with the Training Department, nevertheless holders of a permanent rating may be prioritised when rostering.

Event Rostering

For rostered events, the rostering is normally managed by the Event Department, this may however be delegated to any other member within VATSIM-Scandinavia at the discretion of the Event Department.

When rostering slots, factors such as previous event experience, recent and total hours on the position, controller feedback, mentoring status, recent disciplinary actions, and previous cancellations and no-shows are considered. 

This is to secure the best possible experience for pilots and participating controllers.

The goal is to typically publish the roster no later than the night before the event, however, short notice changes are sometimes unavoidable.

Cancellations and No-Shows

Cancellations and no-shows to all events are noted. Controllers shall not to express interest unless commitment to the event can be ensured. In unavoidable circumstances, controllers should notify the Event Department as soon as possible in both ways listed below:

  • Communicate the cancellation to the person responsible for rostering (by posting in the staffing thread or via Discord PM to Event Department)
  • Edit original availability post with strikethrough text to remedy confusion.

Controllers who need to make changes during the event, such as leaving early or being unable to attend, shall inform the responsible person in the Event Department. Leaving a rostered event early might be allowable if the basic/booked staffing can be ensured for the entirety of the published event.

Violations and Consequences:

Event policy violations are tracked, and repeated violations may result in disciplinary action. Consequences may include the suspension of event rostering privileges, limiting controllers to open positions, and prohibiting advance sign-ups for events (rostered and non-rostered).

Position Booking

Depending on the type of event, the individual controller or the Event Department is responsible for booking ATC positions that will be manned via

Internal Coordination

All events, ATC requests and CPTs that are not publicly announced shall be added to the internal Staff planning Calendar as soon as the event date is set, to prevent collisions between events and CPTs.

This responsibility is shared between the Training Department and Event Department.